Thursday, October 1, 2009

Uncle Jay's CD Cover

I know this was a while ago but this is the first time I got to sit down and search for online and talk about it. So a couple of months ago I got to do this shoot for my Uncle Jay and I just thought Id share it with you.

It was fun we had the drumsticks hanging from the ceiling and green screened the whole shoot. Thanks for a fun shoot Uncle Jay!


mof5kids said...

Wonderful! I love the covers. You did a great job! And Jay's lookin' pretty good there, too!

Anonymous said...

I wondered who was taking Jay's photos these days....glad he got you! (Are you doing the new book cover too?!?!) Very creative!!!

Melissa Z said...

Love it Brandon! Create.

mof5kids said...

I really like these pictures. You did an awesome job, Brandon. I always have a hard time picking just one . . . was that a hard choice for Jay, too? When so many turn out good (of course, we didn't see the rest of the shoot - but I would assume they were all pretty good), do you have a hard time picking the best of the best?