Monday, November 29, 2010

Justin Osmond

My cousin Justin Osmond has an amazing story to tell; he was born hard of hearing into a singing family and throughout his life he has had many challenges that he has overcome.
Hearing with My Heart is Justin's book he wrote to tells his story of achieving his dreams despite the obstacles he has had.

I got the honor of photographing Justin for images to put in this book. He also asked me to put the book design together and after the long process we got the book finalized and is now out on the shelves. Here is a peek at the book design and some of the images that we took. Enjoy.

Hearing with My Heart: by Justin Osmond and Shirlet Bahlmann

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Don and Jessi

This photo shoot turned out to be amazing... no wonder when you have a great looking couple. This set has some of my favorite photos thus far, and I'm really pleased with every photo.

Please tell me what you think... I love to here feedback, so if you have any comments on specifics please post it. I'm always curious about what my followers think about the photos I put out.

Thanks and Enjoy.