Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Time Lapse Videos

So this is a new thing that I'm trying and learning how to do... the idea behind a time lapse is for us to see movement of action that is happening so slow that you might not even see it change such as a flower opening and closing or in this case a bridge being put into place in a 12 hour period, yes I was there for a 12 hour period 6 hour in the afternoon and 6 at night. I didn't end up leaving till around 4:30 in the morning. I know it sounds crazy and but it was a test and I guess it worked because 3 of the local news stations picked it up for coverage on the subject.




McKay Hansen said...

So did you do that with still pictures or a video camera?

Brandon Osmond said...

This was all with a still camera one photo every 10 to 15 seconds... long process!

The Toll House Cookie said...

That's just incredible. Good work. You must have been exhausted but have the entire day still go through you mind when you got home, hoping the process would work.

mof5kids said...

I liked the second one much better. Every 10 to 15 seconds? Is that the norm? I'd try just a bit longer and see how that turns out. So, the question is, do you like this type of photography? Do you preset the camera and then come back? So how long did these two "moving photographs" take in actual time? Do you use a special program to make all those photos into a "movie"? Sorry for all the questions. Just curious!

Ken Hoglund said...

so did you physically take a picture every 10-15 seconds or is there a function for this on the camera? I love it!!