Monday, June 8, 2009

Chris Graduates High School

I had to put a thing up for my brother... so this is for you Chris!

Congratulations Chris you are now a Graduate!!!

I had to take this picture because I really think that this describes perfectly what happens at a graduation... even the camera man is falling asleep.
(This is by far my favorite image of the bunch... so fun to look at.)

Don't worry Chris I was up for the whole thing and I even got the cap toss


Tina said...

Hi Brandon nice pics of your brother graduation and congrads to him and wishing him all the best now adnin the future


Sooz said...

Hi Brandon

I really liked the casual nature of the family photograph at Chris's graduation. Did you take that on the timer or did Don take it as I noticed he's not in picture? I always seem to mess up my timer shots!

Congratulations to Chris and I wish him all the best in his future.


Susan G-S said...

Brandon! Such a wonderful brother to do that for Chris! ;-D Beautiful pictures!! Great memories!! :D

Scentsy and Sensibility said...

You certainly have enough family members to practice your craft with, and Christopher is no exception! :) What an awesome thing, for you to take such amazing photographs for him to remember his special day by. Way to go, big brother! :)

Robin said...

Congratulations Christopher---you and my daughter came into this world around the same time. She graduated from Murray High School on June 5th, 2009. She was the captain of the drill team. Best of Wishes...

Lee said...

Hey Brandon,

I am Lee Ann Edvalson.. Your Mom's cousin. Love the family picture! It is great to see them all, and I always love seeing Uncle Avery. Your pictures are great.

Fiona (Phebes) said...

Great pictures Brandon!

My Neices day was the same... goes on foreeeeevvvvverrr!!