Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Studio Lighting Final

This is a work in progress but these images are what I turned in for my final in my lighting class. The approach that I had to this assignment was the individual lifestyle of each person.

I really would like some feedback on what everyone thinks of the overall concept or individual images that are working well or not working well.

Todd: High School Football

TJ: High School Basketball

Taylor: Rock Climber

Robert: Racquetball Player

Petra: Photography Student at UVU

Kelsi: High School Woman's Basketball

Jeremy: Motorcycle Enthusiast

Don: Motorcycle Enthusiast

Chris: High School Snowboarder

Don: Blob-sledder Training for Olympics

Becca: Student of UVU

Alan: Musician and Accomplished Pianist


Sherry said...

Brandon - nice photos. I didn't like the white background in 2 of the photos - it blended in too much with the basketball uniform on the one. The lighting/sparks on the one with Jeremy - awesome shot, along with the rock climbing - loved the angle.

Sherry said...

Sorry, that was the football uniform, not basketball. Looks too washed out totally.

Renata Skousen said...

I love the photos...the lighting on the football player and the Student is a little much...Other than that the angles and other lighting is great!

Julee said...

I really liked the way you set up "TJ: High School Basketball" photo. It is really nice. You do great work.

I can't get over how much you have grown up.

Continued success with your photography business.

Barbie ~little one~ said...

I too thought that the white background on the football player and the student was too bland, there was nothing that caught your attention in those two photos. I really like the movement you captured in the Raquetball shot and the sparks on the shot with Jeremy...that one was the most artistic. The photo of TJ, the basketball player had great light and the background was perfect. I liked the motorcyle one as well. I didn't care for the Bob sled photo. I think it was to simple of a photo, you should have had Don look off to the horizon, or somehow capture the energy of Bob sledding without him actually bob sledding....does that make sense? I would have positioned the pianist off to the right side of the photo, perhaps lightly touching the piano keys with a look of desiring to play his music. Despite my suggestions... ;o) You really do have a wonderful God-given talent for capturing life in photography. I wish you all the best. BTW...the family photo you took, that was shown on The Insider, was THE BEST family photo I have ever seen....and not because of THE family, but because of the artistic shot. You really DID see "beauty in the weeds," and it was a great choice for the shoot!

snickers said...

Sorry I don't like the white backgrounds either, they are too harsh, but I like the shadows with Robert. The one of Taylor made me dizzy lol, I didn't like that thing in the background but loved the shot.Don is too passport like, him holding the helmet would be nice. I LOVED the one of TJ, the colours and the background worked well together. Petra I loved it. Jeremy fantastic!. Don on the bike, a bit too far away, a close up would be nice. Chris and the piano player great. You have some great shots here :o)

Sarah Stiles said...

Brandon - you are doing a great job. It has been great seeing your work here.

Okay, you asked for some CC, and as a fellow photographer, I thought I might be able to give some in-depth stuff that you could use:-)

In order:

Todd - The lighting is pretty harsh, and there are a number of hotspots, particularly on his face. Because he is white on white, you have to be careful that the subject does not blend in too much with the background. Toning down the lights might have helped, or pick a different background color. Also, this is a very tight crop. There is no space at all at the top of his head, and his elbows are cut off, but not in a way that is flattering.

TJ - Really nice sidelighting, and a very cool background. I am not sure I like his direction though. Looking off camera can be kind of cool, but in this case he looks like there is something more interesting in the room than you, lol.

Taylor - Interesting perspective, but the light is VERY distracting. It was the first thing my eye went to. If you can, clone it out, but otherwise I would have tried a different angle.

Robert - His face seems a little OOF, but I LOVE his expression.

Petra - simple and to the point. I like the angle on this. Shooting up doesn't always work, but I like it here.

Kelsi - The ball has a little motion blur, but not enough for it to look intentional. I would have either slowed the shutter speed to catch the ball spinning, or sped it up to fully stop the action. Also, the light around her face is pretty harsh, and not very flattering. Toning down the lights a touch would have helped that a lot.

Jeremy - very cool! It really grabs your attention, especially with all the sparks flying right at the camera. nice!

Don - I don't really get it. Where is he? This might work better on location on a long stretch of highway.

Chris - very urban, which is kind of cool, but I do not picture snowboarding as an urban activity. Matching the props to the background is important. Unless that is what the client wanted. Then you just kind of go with it, but be sure to include the "matching" images in the session.

Don - I like the hand up on the mask. Keeps the eye moving, adds interest. Nice job on getting light up into his eyes. That can be tough when they have a big ol' helmet on!

?? - Not a fan of the lighting. In fact, i really do not get this whole image. Why the hat, and what is she writing? How are they related? I'm just not understanding the THEME of this image.

Alan - Probably my fave, but that may be becuase I have a soft spot for musicians, and pianists in particular. Seriously, though, I really like the composition and the lighting is great.

Whew! I think that covers it! I hope you don't shoot me:-) Keep up the good work!